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Stabilization of physical RAF/14-3-3 interaction by cotylenin A as treatment strategy for RAS mutant cancers.
One-third of all human cancers harbor somatic RAS mutations. This leads to aberrant activation of downstream signaling pathways involving the RAF kinases. Current ATP-competitive RAF inhibitors areExpand
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Structure of a 14-3-3σ-YAP phosphopeptide complex at 1.15 A resolution.
The 14-3-3 proteins are a class of eukaryotic acidic adapter proteins, with seven isoforms in humans. 14-3-3 proteins mediate their biological function by binding to target proteins and influencingExpand
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Protein-protein interactions as drug targets.
Modulation of protein-protein interactions (PPIs) is becoming increasingly important in drug discovery and chemical biology. While a few years ago this 'target class' was deemed to be largelyExpand
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Activation of NF-κB signalling by fusicoccin-induced dimerization
Chemically induced dimerization is an important tool in chemical biology for the analysis of protein function in cells. Here we report the use of the natural product fusicoccin (FC) to induceExpand
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