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Selection of performance objectives and key performance indicators in public–private partnership projects to achieve value for money
Public–private partnerships (PPPs) have been applied widely in the global construction market. During the life cycle of PPP projects, their performance could be affected by a number of factors andExpand
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Developing ERP Systems Success Model for the Construction Industry
Recently, a significant number of major construction companies embarked on the implementation of integrated information technology solutions such as enterprise resource planning ERP systems to betterExpand
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Developing Key Performance Indicators for Public-Private Partnership Projects: Questionnaire Survey and Analysis
AbstractPublic-private partnerships (PPPs) are increasing in popularity. Major challenges in the development of PPPs have resulted from the global financial crisis. However, with respect to theirExpand
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Information and Communication Technology Applications in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Organizations: A 15-Year Review
AbstractInformation and communication technology (ICT) has had enormous effects on the development of architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) organizations in past decades. The effects haveExpand
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Contractor prequalification involves the screening of contractors by a project owner, according to a given set of criteria, in order to determine their competence to perform the work if awarded theExpand
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Success/Failure Factors and Performance Measures of Web-Based Construction Project Management Systems: Professionals’ Viewpoint
This paper presents the results of an empirical study conducted to refine the writers' previous findings on potential factors that may influence performance of commercial Web-based project managementExpand
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Estimating construction productivity: neural-network-based approach
A neural‐network (NN) and observation‐data‐based approach to estimating construction operation productivity is presented. The main reason for using neural networks for construction productivityExpand
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Success factors for the implementation of web‐based construction project management systems
Purpose – Academics and practitioners anticipated that web‐based project management systems (WPMSs) would enhance and revolutionise the way in which construction‐related organisations conductExpand
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Wireless sensor networks as part of a web-based building environmental monitoring system
Abstract The presented research shows how advanced wireless sensor technology can be used by engineers to monitor conditions in and around buildings. The objective is split into three differentExpand
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Enabling information sharing between E-commerce systems for construction material procurement
Many E-commerce systems for construction material procurement were developed to improve business process, to cut administration cost, and to provide more comprehensive information. Currently theseExpand
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