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Who Does What on the Web: A Large-Scale Study of Browsing Behavior
As the Web has become integrated into daily life, understanding how individuals spend their time online impacts domains ranging from public policy to marketing. It is difficult, however, to measureExpand
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Duality between Time Series and Networks
Studying the interaction between a system's components and the temporal evolution of the system are two common ways to uncover and characterize its internal workings. Recently, several maps from aExpand
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Evolutionary Conservation of Species’ Roles in Food Webs
Untangling the Web Interspecific interactions link species within complex trophic and nontrophic webs (see the Perspective by Lewinsohn and Cagnolo). Theoretical work has suggested that certainExpand
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A high-reproducibility and high-accuracy method for automated topic classification
Much of human knowledge sits in large databases of unstructured text. Leveraging this knowledge requires algorithms that extract and record metadata on unstructured text documents. Assigning topicsExpand
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The Currents Beneath the 'Rising Tide' of School Choice: An Analysis of Student Enrollment Flows in the Chicago Public Schools
Existing research highlights that families face geographic, social, and psychological constraints that may limit the extent to which competition can take hold in school choice programs. In thisExpand
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Quantifying Position-Dependent Codon Usage Bias
Although the mapping of codon to amino acid is conserved across nearly all species, the frequency at which synonymous codons are used varies both between organisms and between genes from the sameExpand
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GAP Bölgesinde Karbon-Nötr Ekonomiye Geçişte Yeşil Enerji Teknolojilerine Yönelik Değer Zincirinin Kurulması
Enerji uretimi ve tuketiminden kaynakli sera gazi salimlari, insan kaynakli iklim degisikliginin temel nedeni olarak kabul edilmekte, iklim degisikliginin yasam kalitesi, cevre, su, tarim ve gidaExpand