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Digital Communication Over Fading Channels: A Unified Approach to Performance Analysis
This book gives many numerical illustrations expressed in large collections of system performance curves, allowing the researchers or system designers to perform trade-off studies of the average bit error rate and symbol error rate. Expand
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On the Energy Detection of Unknown Signals Over Fading Channels
This letter addresses the problem of energy detection of an unknown signal over a multipath channel. Expand
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Coded Communication over Fading Channels
In studying the performance of coded communications over memoryless channels (with or without fading), the results are given as upper bounds on the average bit error probability (BEP). In principle,Expand
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Multiple-symbol differential detection of MPSK
A differential detection technique for MPSK (multiple-phase shift keying), which uses a multiple-symbol observation interval, is presented, and its performance is analyzed and simulated. Expand
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Improved parallel interference cancellation for CDMA
This paper introduces an improved nonlinear parallel interference cancellation scheme for code-division multiple access (CDMA) that significantly reduces the degrading effect on the desired user of interference from the other users that share the channel. Expand
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Spread Spectrum Communications Handbook
This reference deals with spread spectrum systems, which are beginning to find new applications such as CDMA cellular networks and wireless personal communications networks. Expand
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A unified approach to the performance analysis of digital communication over generalized fading channels
Presented here is a unified approach to evaluating the error-rate performance of digital communication systems operating over a generalized fading channel. What enables the unification is theExpand
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New exponential bounds and approximations for the computation of error probability in fading channels
We present new exponential bounds for the Gaussian Q function (one- and two-dimensional) and its inverse, and for M-ary phase-shift-keying (MPSK) error probabilities over additive white Gaussian noise channels. Expand
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An MGF-based performance analysis of generalized selection combining over Rayleigh fading channels
Using the notion of the "spacing" between ordered exponential random variables, a performance analysis of the generalized selection combining diversity scheme over Rayleigh fading channels is presented and compared with that of the conventional maximal-ratio combining and selection combining schemes. Expand
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