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: Treatment of severe hemorrhage offers few theoretical problems, but in practice, severe blood loss usually occurs out of hospital, often in more or less inaccessible scenarios. Controversy ragesExpand
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Bradykinin can be included in the group of the so-called tissue-hormones, in the sense that there is no specialized gland to secrete it. Being a polypeptide originated from the a*-globulin of plasma,Expand
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Potentiation of bradykinin and eledoisin by BPF (bradykinin potentiating factor) fromBothrops jararaca venom
Nachweis der pharmakologischen Wirkung des Bradykinins am isolierten Meerschweinchenileum und am deutlichen Blutdruckanstieg bei Hund und Katze nach Vorbehandlung mit BPF (Bradykinin-potenzierenderExpand
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A brief survey of the history of inflammation
It is a heavy task to trace the history of any branch of science, and certainly the most difficult when we try to describe the last segment, that is, the present phase of that history, when theExpand
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Communication network architecture specification for multi-UAV system applied to scanning rocket impact area first results
This paper presents the specifications for a network architecture of a squadron of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to be used to scan rocket impact areas. Expand
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Recent advances concerning the histamine problem
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Concerning the Mechanism of Anaphylaxis and Allergy
The abnormal reaction of tissues to apparently harmless agents, such as foreign seraegg albumen, house dust, animal dander, foods, cosmetics, drugs, etc., that is called anaphylactic or allergic isExpand
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Fibrinolysis in Peptone and Anaphylactic Shock in the Dog
FIBRINOLYSIS in peptone and anaphylactic shock can be demonstrated either directly, by estimation of flbrinogen in samples taken after the injection of the respective agent, or by adding protamine inExpand
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