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The influence of trust and perceptions of risks and benefits on the acceptance of gene technology.
  • M. Siegrist
  • Engineering, Medicine
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  • 1 April 2000
A causal model explaining acceptance of gene technology was tested. It was hypothesized that trust in institutions using gene technology or using modified products has a positive impact on perceivedExpand
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Factors influencing public acceptance of innovative food technologies and products
Factors that influence public acceptance of innovative technologies and products in the food area were determined. Results suggest that perceived benefit, perceived risks and perceived naturalnessExpand
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Sorting out food waste behaviour: A survey on the motivators and barriers of self-reported amounts of food waste in households
Households in Western countries are responsible for a large amount of food that is not consumed, but instead is wasted, which has large environmental impacts. To reduce this amount, we shouldExpand
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Public acceptance of nanotechnology foods and food packaging: The influence of affect and trust
Nanotechnology is increasingly being employed in the areas of food production and packaging. Public perception will be crucial to the realization of these technological advances. We examined how layExpand
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Flooding risks: a comparison of lay people's perceptions and expert's assessments in Switzerland.
Experts on the risk of flooding have developed very detailed maps for different parts of Switzerland that indicate the types of damage possible and the probabilities of adverse events. FourExpand
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The psychology of eating insects: A cross-cultural comparison between Germany and China
Abstract Based on their high nutritional value and low production costs, insects are an excellent and sustainable source of animal protein. In contrast to countries such as China, in WesternExpand
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Laypeople's and experts' perception of nanotechnology hazards.
Public perception of nanotechnology may influence the realization of technological advances. Laypeople's (N=375) and experts' (N=46) perception of 20 different nanotechnology applications and threeExpand
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The Role of the Affect and Availability Heuristics in Risk Communication
Results of past research suggest that affect plays an important role in risk perception. Because affect may also increase the availability of risks, affect and availability are closely relatedExpand
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Perception of risk: the influence of general trust, and general confidence
The influence of trust and confidence as personality traits on the perception of various hazards was examined. The distinction between trust and confidence is a key element of certain theories ofExpand
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Eating green. Consumers’ willingness to adopt ecological food consumption behaviors
Food consumption is associated with various environmental impacts, and consumers' food choices therefore represent important environmental decisions. In a large-scale survey, we examined consumers'Expand
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