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Structural characterization of bisretinoid A2E photocleavage products and implications for age-related macular degeneration
Fluorescent bisretinoids, such as A2E and all-trans-retinal dimer, form as a by-product of vitamin A cycling in retina and accumulate in retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) cells as lipofuscin pigments.Expand
Automated data massaging, interpretation, and e-mailing modules for high throughput open access mass spectrometry
Hardware components and software modules were configured to enhance the automation, efficiency, and reliability of a commercial open access atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometry (API/MS)Expand
Unit resolution mass spectra of 112 kDa molecules with 3 Da accuracy
Previously, the highest molecular weight for a sample yielding a unit resolution mass spectrum was 67 kDa (marginal at 86 kDa), obtained with a 6. 2 T Fourier-transform mass spectrometer withExpand
Structures of the muraymycins, novel peptidoglycan biosynthesis inhibitors.
The muraymycins, a family of nucleoside-lipopeptide antibiotics, were purified from the extract of Streptomyces sp. LL-AA896. The antibiotics were purified by chromatographic methods andExpand
Inhibition of human cytomegalovirus UL80 protease by specific intramolecular disulfide bond formation.
A symmetrically substituted disulfide compound, CL13933, was identified as a potent inhibitor of human cytomegalovirus UL80 protease. Two types of inhibited protease were observed, depending onExpand
Automation of a Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometer for acquisition, analysis, and e-mailing of high-resolution exact-mass electrospray ionization mass spectral data
A system has been designed to automatically acquire high-resolution (>50,000 FWHM), exact-mass (mass measurement error ≤3 mmu) electrospray ionization mass spectra with a commercial Fourier transformExpand
FTMS structure elucidation of natural products: application to muraymycin antibiotics using ESI multi-CHEF SORI-CID FTMS(n), the top-down/bottom-up approach, and HPLC ESI capillary-skimmer CID FTMS.
The molecular formulas for the structures and substructures of muraymycin antibiotics A1 (C52H90N14O19, MW 1214) and B1 (C49H83N11O18, MW 1113) were determined using electrospray ionization (ESI)Expand
Polysulfated carbohydrates analyzed as ion-paired complexes with basic peptides and proteins using electrospray negative ionization mass spectrometry.
Electrospray ionization mass spectrometry was used in the negative ion mode to analyze complexes of sucrose octasulfate, sucrose heptasulfate and sulfated alpha-, beta- and gamma-cyclodextrins withExpand
Early discovery drug screening using mass spectrometry.
  • M. Siegel
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Current topics in medicinal chemistry
  • 2002
Electrospray ionization (ESI) and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI) mass spectrometric methods useful for early discovery drug screening are reviewed. All methods described involveExpand
Flavins inhibit human cytomegalovirus UL80 protease via disulfide bond formation.
Among the most potent inhibitors of human cytomegalovirus protease identified by random screening of a chemical library was 1,4-dihydro-7,8-dimethyl 6H-pyrimido[1,2-b]-1,2,4,5-tetrazin-6-one (1)Expand