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Comparisons of computed mobile phone induced SAR in the SAM phantom to that in anatomically correct models of the human head
The specific absorption rates (SAR) determined computationally in the specific anthropomorphic mannequin (SAM) and anatomically correct models of the human head when exposed to a mobile phone modelExpand
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An International Interlaboratory Comparison of Mobile Phone SAR Calculation With CAD-Based Models
An international interlaboratory comparison for numerical calculations of head phantom SAR involving three mobile phones with computer-aided design-based models has been conducted in order toExpand
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A method for determination of RF exposure compliance for pico cell base stations by SAR measurements in a flat phantom
With the increasing number of cellular base stations in both indoor and outdoor environments, there is a growing need for simple and accurate methods for RF exposure assessments and for theExpand
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Quick SAR assessment using dual-plane amplitude-only measurement
Current standardized procedures for measurements of the Specific absorption rate (SAR) of mobile phones and radio base station antennas include a volumetric scan of the electric field strengthExpand
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A SAR test procedure for wireless devices with simultaneous multi-band transmission
In this paper a procedure for SAR (specific absorption rate) testing of wireless devices with simultaneous transmission in multiple bands is presented. The approach of this test procedure is toExpand
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Comparisons of measurements and FDTD calculations of mobile phone electromagnetic far-fields and near-fields
Substantial effort has been placed on investigations of the interaction between RF electromagnetic fields, emitted from hand-held mobile telephones, and the human user. Usually, dosimetricExpand
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Measurements and FDTD Computations of the IEEE SCC 34 Spherical Bowl and Dipole Antenna
In order to evaluate the ability of the current state-of-the-art dosimetric nearfield measurement systems and computational tools to assess and predictate the electromagnetic fields close to lowExpand
A Proposed Procedure for Monitoring SAR in Mobile Phone Production
This study has investigated the possibility of monitoring mass averaged specific absorption rate (SAR) in mobile phone production by use of free-space H-field measurements. Measurements on 100 unitsExpand
CAD-Phone SAR Computational Inter-Laboratory Study IEEE TC34, SC2-WG2 1528.3
The recent international inter-laboratory study conducted by IEEE TC34, SC2, WG2 to develop the IEEE 1528.3 standard for computational compliance assessment of cell phone exposure is presented.Expand