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A progressive morphological filter for removing nonground measurements from airborne LIDAR data
A progressive morphological filter was developed to detect nonground LIDAR measurements. Expand
A Novel Anomaly Detection Scheme Based on Principal Component Classifier
Abstract : This paper proposes a novel scheme that uses robust principal component classifier in intrusion detection problems where the training data may be unsupervised. Assuming that anomalies canExpand
Rule Mining and Classification in a Situation Assessment Application: A Belief-Theoretic Approach for Handling Data Imperfections
Using a Dempster-Shafer belief-theoretic relational database that can conveniently represent a wider class of data imperfections, an association rule mining-based classification algorithm possessing the desirable functionality is proposed. Expand
A Survey on Deep Learning
The field of machine learning is witnessing its golden era as deep learning slowly becomes the leader in this domain. Expand
Rule mining and classification in imperfect databases
A rule-based classifier learns rules from a set of training data instances with assigned class labels and then uses those rules to assign a class label for a new incoming data instance. Expand
Histology Image Classification Using Supervised Classification and Multimodal Fusion
The fast development of microscopy imaging techniques nowadays promotes the generation of a large amount of data. Expand
Video Semantic Event/Concept Detection Using a Subspace-Based Multimedia Data Mining Framework
In this paper, a subspace-based multimedia data mining framework is proposed for video semantic analysis, specifically video event/concept detection, by addressing two basic issues, i.e., semantic gap and rare event/event detection. Expand
Web document classification based on fuzzy association
In this paper, a method of automatically classifying web documents into a set of categories using the fuzzy association concept is proposed. Expand
Quality of service provision in mobile multimedia - a survey
  • Hongli Luo, M. Shyu
  • Computer Science
  • Human-centric Computing and Information Sciences
  • 22 November 2011
The prevalence of multimedia applications has drastically increased the amount of multimedia data. Expand
A decision tree-based multimodal data mining framework for soccer goal detection
We propose a new multimedia data mining framework for the extraction of soccer goal events in soccer videos by using combined multimodal analysis and decision tree logic. Expand