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Formation of persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous in ephrin-A5-/- mice.
PURPOSE Primary vitreous regression is a critical event in mammalian eye development required for proper ocular maturity and unhindered vision. Failure of this event results in the eye diseaseExpand
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Ephrin-A5 deficiency alters sensorimotor and monoaminergic development
The Eph receptors and their ligands, the ephrins, play an important role during neural development. In particular, ephrin-A5 is highly expressed in the developing nervous system in several brainExpand
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Further analysis of the lens of ephrin-A5−/− mice: development of postnatal defects
Purpose The cells of the mammalian lens must be carefully organized and regulated to maintain clarity. Recent studies have identified the Eph receptor ligand ephrin-A5 as a major contributor to lensExpand
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Decreased maternal behavior and anxiety in ephrin‐A5−/− mice
During development of the nervous system, molecular signals mediating cell–cell interactions play critical roles in the guidance of axonal growth and establishment of synaptic functions. The EphExpand
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Ephrin-A5 regulates inter-male aggression in mice
The Eph family of receptor tyrosine kinases play key roles in both the patterning of the developing nervous system and neural plasticity in the mature brain. To determine functions of ephrin-A5, aExpand
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Microstructure of amorphous electrodeposited Co-Ni-W films
The phase composition of electrodeposited films of (Co100 − x-Nix)100 − yWy alloys (x = 0–100 at % Ni, y = 0–30 at % W), the microstructures of amorphous films of this system on the submicrometer andExpand
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A girl who paints
elements of gestural picture-making, such as colour, form and line, without putting pay, or ‘paying dues,’ to either. In this sense, both are ‘free’ for the taking, as the work so graphicallyExpand