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Counterflow measurements in strongly correlated GaAs hole bilayers: evidence for electron-hole pairing.
It is shown that at low temperatures, both the longitudinal and Hall counterflow resistances tend to vanish in the quantum Hall state at total bilayer filling nu=1, demonstrating the pairing of oppositely charged carriers in opposite layers.
What determines the Fermi wave vector of composite fermions?
A pronounced asymmetry in the magnetic field positions of the commensurability resistance minima of CFs with respect to the field at ν=1/2 is observed, and this unexpected asymmetry is consistent with the CFs' Fermi wave vector being determined by the minority carriers in the lowest Landau level, and suggests a breaking of the particle-hole symmetry for CFs near ν/2.
Evidence for developing fractional quantum Hall states at even denominator 1/2 and 1/4 fillings in asymmetric wide quantum wells.
The observation of developing fractional quantum Hall states at Landau level filling factors nu = 1/2 and 1/4 in electron systems confined to wide GaAs quantum wells with significantly asymmetric charge distributions suggests that these are one-component states, possibly described by the Moore-Read Pfaffian wave function.
Arsacids and Sasanians: Political Ideology in Post-Hellenistic and Late Antique Persia
Introduction Preamble: Achaemenids and Sasanians 1. Sasanian epigraphy 2. Classical sources: Dio, Herodian, Ammianus Marcellinus 3. Arsacids and Sasanians 4. Imitatio veternae Helladis and imitatio
Resistance spikes at transitions between quantum hall ferromagnets.
The experiments indicate that the presence of magnetic domains at the transition starkly increases dissipation, an effect also suspected in other ferromagnetic materials.
Anomalous Rashba spin splitting in two-dimensional hole systems
It has long been assumed that the inversion asymmetry-induced Rashba spin splitting in two-dimensional (2D) systems at zero magnetic field is proportional to the electric field that characterizes the
Two‐dimensional electrons occupying multiple valleys in AlAs
Two‐dimensional electrons in AlAs quantum wells occupy multiple conduction‐band minima at the X‐points of the Brillouin zone. These valleys have large effective mass and g ‐factor compared to the
Quantized conductance in an AlAs two-dimensional electron system quantum point contact
We report experimental results on a quantum point contact (QPC) device formed in a wide AlAs quantum well where the two-dimensional electrons occupy two in-plane valleys with elliptical Fermi
Observation of quantum Hall "valley Skyrmions".
We report measurements of the interaction-induced quantum Hall effect in a spin-polarized AlAs two-dimensional electron system where the electrons occupy two in-plane conduction band valleys. Via the
Tunable spin-splitting and spin-resolved ballistic transport in GaAs/AlGaAs two-dimensional holes
We report quantitative experimental and theoretical results revealing the tunability of spin splitting in high-mobility two-dimensional GaAs hole systems, confined to either a square or a triangular