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International Law (5th edition)
Parliamentary committees: A global perspective
This article begins with a discussion of the nature of committee arrangements in parliaments and explores various theories about committee behaviour. The exceptional legislative committees found inExpand
Title to territory in Africa : international legal issues
Territorial issues have historically assumed a central role in international relations. Despite considerations relating to, for example, human rights and economic and social cooperation, theExpand
Peoples, Territorialism and Boundaries
Territorial change is often a painful process. It impacts not only upon the international community and the states concerned, both old and new, but also upon the individuals and groups that inhabitExpand
Territory in International Law
  • M. Shaw
  • Political Science
  • 1 December 1982
The international community is formed first and foremost by states, which were defined by Vattel as “political bodies, societies of men who have united together and combined their forces in order toExpand
I Case Concerning Kasikili'Sedudu Island (Botswana'Namibia)
  • M. Shaw, M. Evans
  • Sociology
  • International and Comparative Law Quarterly
  • 1 October 2000
The decision of the International Court of Justice of 13 December 1999 in the dispute between Botswana and Namibia concerning the island known to the former as Sedudu and the latter as Kasikili isExpand
International Law and Intervention in Africa
THE TRADITIONAL law relating to third party intervention in armed conflicts is based upon the distinction between international and internal armed conflicts. In the former case, the basic rules areExpand
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