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Quantitative staging of embryonic development of the grasshopper, Schistocerca nitens.
During development of the grasshopper embryo, it is feasible to examine the structure, pharmacology, and physiology of uniquely identified cells. These experiments require a fast, accurate stagingExpand
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Conserved anterior boundaries of Hox gene expression in the central nervous system of the leech Helobdella.
Molecular developmental studies of fly and mouse embryos have shown that the identity of individual body segments is controlled by a suite of homeobox-containing genes called the Hox cluster. ToExpand
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Cell lineage and segmentation in the leech.
Segments in the leech arise by the proliferation of longitudinally arrayed bandlets of blast cells derived from ten identifiable embryonic stem cells, two M, two N, four O/P and two Q teloblasts. InExpand
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Lox2, a putative leech segment identity gene, is expressed in the same segmental domain in different stem cell lineages.
The segmented tissues of the adult leech arise from a set of five, bilaterally paired embryonic stem cells via a stereotyped sequence of cell lineage. Individual segments exhibit unique patterns ofExpand
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Expression of the head gene Lox22-Otx in the leech Helobdella and the origin of the bilaterian body plan.
The orthodenticle orthologue Lox22-Otx was isolated from an annelid worm, the leech Helobdella triserialis. In situ hybridization reveals that embryonic expression of Lox22-Otx RNA is primarilyExpand
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A hedgehog homolog regulates gut formation in leech (Helobdella)
Signaling by the hedgehog (hh)-class gene pathway is essential for embryogenesis in organisms ranging from Drosophila to human. We have isolated a hh homolog (Hro-hh) from a lophotrochozoan species,Expand
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Lox10, a member of the NK-2 homeobox gene class, is expressed in a segmental pattern in the endoderm and in the cephalic nervous system of the leech Helobdella.
A novel leech homeobox gene, Lox10, is shown to encode a homeodomain sequence characteristic of a phyletically widespread NK-2 homeobox gene class. Lox10 expression was examined in leech embryos ofExpand
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Paxβ: a novel family of lophotrochozoan Pax genes
SUMMARY Paxβ is a novel gene family restricted to the bilaterian superphylum Lophotrochozoa. The Paxβ paired domain is highly diverged from other bilaterian Pax genes, and we were unable to identifyExpand
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Mesoderm is required for the formation of a segmented endodermal cell layer in the leech Helobdella.
The homeobox gene Lox3 is expressed in a segmentally iterated pattern within the endoderm of the leech Helobdella. We use that expression here to study endoderm differentiation following experimentalExpand
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Stepwise commitment of blast cell fates during the positional specification of the O and P cell lines in the leech embryo.
The o and p bandlets of the leech embryo are parallel columns of ectodermal blast cells which are identified by their relative positions, and which during normal embryogenesis follow distinctExpand
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