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Astronomy in prehistoric Britain and Ireland
Do prehistoric stone monuments in Britain and Ireland incorporate deliberate astronomical alignments, and if so, what is their purpose and meaning? This work provides an account of megalithicExpand
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From Galen's ureters to Harvey's veins
  • M. Shank
  • Medicine
  • Journal of the history of biology
  • 1985
In his De motu cordis et sanguinis (1628) William Harvey proved that he had seen farther than any of his predecessors. The names of the men on whose shoulders he stood are familiar: Cesalpino,Expand
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Academic Consulting In Fifteenth-Century Vienna: The Case Of Astrology
This chapter discusses the involvement of university masters in astrological practice near Vienna that will complicate the picture further. It traces an intriguing pattern of change in the backgroundExpand
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Setting Up Copernicus? Astronomy And Natural Philosophy In Giambattista Capuano Da Manfredonia’s Expositio On The Sphere
In 1499, while Copernicus studies in Bologna, the commentary on Sacrobosco's Sphere by the Padua master Francesco Capuano da Manfredonia first appears in print. It will be revised and reprintedExpand
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Regiomontanus and Homocentric Astronomy
Regiomontanus est l'un des plus grands astronomes europeens du XV e siecle dont la principale theorie est fondee sur l'astronomie homocentrique qui consiste a supposer que le mouvement des planetesExpand
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Regiomontanus on Ptolemy, Physical Orbs, and Astronomical Fictionalism: Goldsteinian Themes in the Defense of Theon against George of Trebizond
  • M. Shank
  • Philosophy, Computer Science
  • Perspectives on Science
  • 1 June 2002
This article highlights in the Defense of Theon against George of Trebizond by Regiomontanus (14361476) themes that resonate with leading strands of Goldstein's scholarship. Expand
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Unless You Believe, You Shall Not Understand: Logic, University, and Society in Late Medieval Vienna
Founded in 1365, not long after the Great Plague ravaged Europe, the University of Vienna was revitalized in 1384 by prominent theologians displaced from Paris--among them Henry of Langenstein.Expand
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The French Copernicus Edition
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