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Novel Reversible Multiplier Circuit in Nanotechnology
Reversible computation is of the growing interests to power minimization having applications in low power CMOS design, quantum computing, optical information processing, DNA computing, bioinformaticsExpand
Coded-Aperture Imaging Using Photo-Induced Reconfigurable Aperture Arrays for Mapping Terahertz Beams
We report terahertz coded-aperture imaging using photo-induced reconfigurable aperture arrays on a silicon wafer. The coded aperture was implemented using programmable illumination from aExpand
Optimized Nanometric Fault Tolerant Reversible BCD Adder
In this study a novel nanometric fault tolerant quantum and reversible binary coded decimal adder is proposed. Reversible logic has found emerging attentions in optical information processing,Expand
Characterizing a WR-1.5 diagonal horn antenna using photo-induced coded-aperture imaging
We report a novel approach using terahertz (THz) photo-induced coded-aperture imaging (PI-CAI) technique to characterize a WR-1.5 (500-750 GHz) diagonal horn antenna at 590 GHz. The measured antennaExpand
A CMOS imager with on-pixel gray-scale erosion
This paper presents a new method, based on gray-scale mathematical morphology, called bitwise decomposition, which allows for on-pixel image processing and a higher fill factor. Expand
An Improved Physically Based Compact C-V Model for MOS Devices with High-K Gate Dielectrics
An improved compact gate C-V model for MOS devices with high-k gate dielectrics is proposed. The model accurately includes the effect of wave function penetration into the gate dielectric. It isExpand
High Performance Photo-Induced Substrate-Integrated Waveguide for Tunable and Reconfigurable THz Circuits
We present a novel approach for realizing tunable/reconfigurable THz circuits using photo-induced substrate-integrated waveguide (PI-SIW) architectures. In this approach, fixed metallic vias inExpand