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The neural basis of decision making.
The study of decision making spans such varied fields as neuroscience, psychology, economics, statistics, political science, and computer science. Despite this diversity of applications, mostExpand
Response of Neurons in the Lateral Intraparietal Area during a Combined Visual Discrimination Reaction Time Task
Decisions about the visual world can take time to form, especially when information is unreliable. We studied the neural correlate of gradual decision formation by recording activity from the lateralExpand
Neural basis of a perceptual decision in the parietal cortex (area LIP) of the rhesus monkey.
We recorded the activity of single neurons in the posterior parietal cortex (area LIP) of two rhesus monkeys while they discriminated the direction of motion in random-dot visual stimuli. The visualExpand
Correlated neuronal discharge rate and its implications for psychophysical performance
Pooling responses across neurons should average out noise in the activity of single cells, leading to substantially improved psychophysical performance. Expand
The Variable Discharge of Cortical Neurons: Implications for Connectivity, Computation, and Information Coding
Cortical neurons exhibit tremendous variability in the number and temporal distribution of spikes in their discharge patterns. Furthermore, this variability appears to be conserved over large regionsExpand
A relationship between behavioral choice and the visual responses of neurons in macaque MT.
We have previously documented the exquisite motion sensitivity of neurons in extrastriate area MT by studying the relationship between their responses and the direction and strength of visual motionExpand
A computational analysis of the relationship between neuronal and behavioral responses to visual motion
We have documented previously a close relationship between neuronal activity in the middle temporal visual area (MT or V5) and behavioral judgments of motion (Newsome et al., 1989; Salzman et al.,Expand
Representation of Confidence Associated with a Decision by Neurons in the Parietal Cortex
Decisive Monkeys Decision-making is a central theme in current research in cognitive neuroscience. Behavioral protocols have provided an entry into explorations of the neural processes that underlieExpand
Decision-making with multiple alternatives
Simple perceptual tasks have laid the groundwork for understanding the neurobiology of decision-making. Here, we examined this foundation to explain how decision-making circuitry adjusts in the faceExpand
The effect of stimulus strength on the speed and accuracy of a perceptual decision.
Both the speed and the accuracy of a perceptual judgment depend on the strength of the sensory stimulation. When stimulus strength is high, accuracy is high and response time is fast; when stimulusExpand