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The affective lability scales: development, reliability, and validity.
A self-report measure of changeable affect was developed, with a goal of identification of patterns of instability in mood and it is believed that ongoing research with clinical populations will better allow for determination of the independence of these scales. Expand
Structured assessment of violence risk in schizophrenia and other psychiatric disorders: a systematic review of the validity, reliability, and item content of 10 available instruments.
There is currently little direct evidence for their utility in individuals with schizophrenia, and there is large variation in item content between instruments, and further research is necessary to determine whether the inclusion of alternative factors could improve risk assessment. Expand
Cocaine craving and attentional bias in cocaine-dependent schizophrenic patients
The results suggest that COC+SZ patients' inability to selectively encode their drug-use experience may limit and shape their subjective experience of craving cocaine and motivation for cocaine use. Expand
Predictors of aggression on the psychiatric inpatient service.
Demographic, clinical, and neurocognitive performance predictors of self, other, object, and verbal aggressiveness in 118 acute inpatients revealed that the arrival status at the hospital, female gender, and substance abuse diagnosis were predictor of verbal aggression and aggression against others. Expand
Factorial Structure of the Hallucinatory Experience: Continuity of Experience in Psychotic and Normal Individuals
The architecture of the hallucinatory experience is examined by comparing the factorial structure of the Launay-Slade Hallucination Scale using psychotic patients with active hallucinations, psychotic inpatients without hallucinations, and a group of university students to support the continuum model of psychosis. Expand
Practice-related improvement in information processing with novel antipsychotic treatment
The results suggest that practice-related improvements in the performance of information processing tests are enhanced by novel antipsychotic medications, and the specific biological mechanism of this effect is not yet known. Expand
Neurocognition, symptomatology, and functional skills in older alcohol-abusing schizophrenia patients.
The results suggest that alcohol abuse in schizophrenia is associated with more impaired functioning across many domains, including memory impairment, negative and general psychopathology symptoms, and adaptive functions. Expand
Neuropsychological and symptom predictors of aggression on the psychiatric inpatient service
It is suggested that neurocognitive deficits underlie both psychiatric symptom formation and aggression. Expand
Linguistic Analysis of Schizophrenia in Reddit Posts
We explore linguistic indicators of schizophrenia in Reddit discussion forums. Schizophrenia (SZ) is a chronic mental disorder that affects a person’s thoughts and behaviors. Identifying andExpand
Cognitive deficits and thought disorder: II. An 8-month followup study.
For the schizophrenic patients, both negative thought disorder and distractibility were temporally stable, and more severenegative thought disorder was found at index assessment in patients who were psychotic at followup. Expand