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Communication with SIMP dark mesons via Z'-portal
We consider a consistent extension of the SIMP models with dark mesons by including a dark U(1)D gauge symmetry. Dark matter density is determined by a thermal freeze-out of the 3→2 self-annihilationExpand
Cosmic abundances of SIMP dark matter
A bstractThermal production of light dark matter with sub-GeV scale mass can be attributed to 3 → 2 self-annihilation processes. We consider the thermal average for annihilation cross sections ofExpand
Axino mass
I will talk on my recent works. Axino, related to the SUSY transformation of axion, can mix with Goldstino in principle. In this short talk, I would like to explain what is the axino mass and itsExpand
Large gauge transformations and little group for soft photons
Recently, large gauge transformation (LGT), the residual gauge symmetry after gauge fixing that survives at null infinity, has drawn much attention concerning soft theorems and the memory effect. WeExpand
Memory in de Sitter space and Bondi-Metzner-Sachs-like supertranslations
It is well known that the memory effect in flat spacetime is parametrized by the Bondi-Metzner-Sachs (BMS) supertranslation. We investigate the relation between the memory effect and diffeomorphismExpand
Quark and lepton mixing angles with a dodeca-symmetry
The discrete symmetry D12 at the electroweak scale is used to fix the quark and lepton mixing angles. At the leading order, the Cabbibo angle θC is 15°, and the PMNS matrix is of a bi-dodeca-mixingExpand
Parametrization of PMNS matrix based on dodeca-symmetry
The dodeca symmetry is designed to obtain the Cabibbo angle approximately 15° and the (11) element of VPMNS as cos30°, leading to . This leading order dodeca symmetric VPMNS is corrected by smallExpand
Models for SIMP dark matter and dark photon
We give a review on the SIMP paradigm and discuss a consistent model for SIMP dark mesons in the context of a dark QCD with flavor symmetry. The Z′-portal interaction is introduced being compatibleExpand
Mixing of axino and goldstino, and axino mass
Abstract Axino, related to the SUSY transformation of axion, can mix with goldstino in principle. This case is realized when some superfields carrying nonvanishing Peccei–Quinn charges develop bothExpand
Electromagnetic duality and the electric memory effect
A bstractWe study large gauge transformations for soft photons in quantum electrodynamics which, together with the helicity operator, form an ISO(2) algebra. We show that the two non-compactExpand