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Lean adolescents with increased risk for metabolic syndrome.
It is concluded that even with a BMI as low as 21 kg/m2 an inappropriate diet and low physical activity might be responsible for the high insulin levels and dislipidemias in adolescents. Expand
Improved triglyceride control with low glycaemic index‐high carbohydrate modified‐lipid diet in a hypertriglyceridaemic child
It is suggested that a selection of a complex digestible carbohydrate and an adequate ratio between polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat may, in the long term, favourably improve the lipid profile. Expand
[Nutritional and metabolic factors as risk factors for cardiovascular diseases in an adult population in the city of Maracibo, Estado Zulia, Venezuela].
It is concluded that the population elected for this study might be considered under a high risk for CVD, since both nutritional and metabolic factors, as well as the other risk factors analyzed, were present in a high percentage of the individuals studied. Expand
[Glycemic index and insulin response to the ingestion of precooked corn flour in the form of "arepa" in healthy individuals].
GI of this corn bread ("arepa") is high in comparison to other complex carbohydrates and it is not altered by the addition of protein and fat, possibly due to glucose and insulin responses similar to that produced by OGTT. Expand