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Suppression of Conception with D-6-Methyl-8-cyanomethylergoline(I) in Rats
ERGOCORNINE and ergocristine prevent pregnancy in rats when injected once during the first 7 days after copulation1. In a broad study of the pharmacological properties of ergolene and ergolineExpand
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Laktationshemmende Wirkung von N-[d-6-Methyl-8-isoergolin-I-yl]-N′, N′-diäthylharnstoff (VÚFB-6638)
The inhibiting effect of orally administered N-[d-6-methyl-8-isoergolin-I-yl], N′, N′-diethylurea (VÚFB-6638) on the production of milk was found in rats. The inhibition of lactation was ascertainedExpand
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