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Stimulation of gonadotrophin secretion with the pregnancy inhibitor D-6-methyl-8-cyanomethylergoline (I).
Ovarian weight in rats administered physiological saline .5 mg D-6-methyl-8-cyanomethylergoline (6605 VUFB) or 1 mg 6605 VUFB by gavage daily Days 1 to 12 (Day 1 = unilateral ovariectomy) increasedExpand
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Cancerostat1c agents—XXXVII: The effect of β-aroyl-β-halogen acrylic acids on the tetrahydrofolic acid formylase☆
Abstract Several derivatives and analogues of β-4-methoxybenzoyl-β-bromoacrylic acid (MBBA) have been tested as inhibitors of tetrahydrofolate formylase from pigeon liver and the effect of structuralExpand
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Studies on the pharmacology of D-lysergic acid cycloalkylamides.
Recently much interest has been concentrated on the pharmacological properties of the partial synthetic derivatives of d-lysergic acid. By hydrogenation of ergotamine and alkaloids of the ergotoxineExpand
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