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Rain Attenuation 0f Centimeter, Millimeter and Submillimeter Radio Waves
The rain attenuation from 1 to 1000 GHz was calculated by using a Weibu11 distribution for raindrop-size, which was assumed to be caused by coalescence, drop break-up and a chain reaction process.Expand
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Weibull raindrop-size distribution and its application to rain attenuation
In the design of radio systems such as terrestrial and satellite communication links at frequencies above 10 GHz, rain attenuation is an important problem. A Weibull raindrop-size distribution isExpand
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Weibull Radar Clutter
The material presented in this book is intended to provide the reader with a pratical treatment of Weibull distribution as applied to radar systems. This book is primarily written for radarExpand
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Rain attenuation from log-normal and Weibull raindrop-size distributions
The rain attenuation from 1 to 1000 GHz was calculated by using both log-normal and Weibull distributions for raindrop size. The results were compared with the recent microwave measurements from 8.4Expand
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Computer Aided Analysis of Cell-Cycle Phase from Cytophotometric Histogram
A method for estimating, from cytophotometric data, the proportion of cells in three different phases of the cell cycle is proposed. Expand
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Mitochondrial deformation and apocrine secretory mechanism in the rabbit submandibular organ as revealed by electron microscopy
SummaryThe submandibular organ (a sort of apocrine sweat glands) of the rabbit was observed with the electron microscope. The cell structure of glandular tubules varies depending upon the secretoryExpand
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On Weibull-Distributed Weather Clutter
Weather clutter was observed using an L band range (200nmi) air-route surveillance radar (ARSR). It is shown that the measured clutter amplitudes obey a Weibull distribution.
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Rain Attenuation in Terrestrial and Satellite Communications Links
Specific attenuation values from 1 to 1000 GHz are calculated by using the negative exponential, Best and Weibull raindrop-size distributions. It is shown that the Weibull distribution is a usefulExpand
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Suppression of ground and weather clutter
Weibull-distributed weather clutter obeys a Weibull distribution after passing through a moving target indicator (MTI) processor realised by a double canceller. Expand
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