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Relationship of etch reaction and reactive species flux in C4F8/Ar/O2 plasma for SiO2 selective etching over Si and Si3N4
The relationship between reactive species flux and their modified surfaces was studied in a SiO2 highly selective etching over Si and Si3N4. Sample specimens with large patterns and φ 0.35 μm contact
Ultrahigh-Speed Synthesis of Nanographene Using Alcohol In-Liquid Plasma
Ultrahigh-speed synthesis of high-crystallinity nanographene was realized using an alcohol in-liquid plasma, which was generated from a nonequilibrium microhollow atmospheric-pressure plasma with an
Suppression of plasma-induced damage on GaN etched by a Cl
Plasma-induced damage (PID) during plasma-etching processes was suppressed by the application of Cl2 plasma etching at an optimal temperature of 400 °C, based on results of evaluations of
Tradeoff Characteristics Between Resistivity and Reliability for Scaled-Down Cu-Based Interconnects
We investigated tradeoff characteristics between resistivity and reliability for scaled-down Cu-based interconnects. A unique resistivity-measurement technique is proposed to detect influences due to
Surface loss probabilities of H and N radicals on different materials in afterglow plasmas employing H2 and N2 mixture gases
Surface loss probabilities of hydrogen (H) and nitrogen (N) radicals on different wall materials in H2/N2 mixture plasmas have been investigated by employing vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) absorption
Observation of surface reaction layers formed in highly selective SiO2 etching
We characterized the surface reaction layers formed by a fluorocarbon plasma for SiO2 selective etching over Si and Si3N4, in order to understand the etch mechanism and develop a process and tool for