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Functional brain reorganization after spinal cord injury: Systematic review of animal and human studies
This review will focus on delineating the pathophysiological mechanisms of the brain plasticity changes following SCI, based on the existing neuroimaging and neurophysiological evidence in experimental models and humans. Expand
Current and emerging treatment options for spinal cord ischemia.
The current state of the art for the therapy and prevention of SCI is discussed and potential emerging treatment concepts awaiting translational adoption are highlighted. Expand
Functional evaluation of central cholinergic circuits in patients with Parkinson’s disease and REM sleep behavior disorder: a TMS study
Assessment of cholinergic function in Parkinson's disease patients with RBD and without RBD indicated that RBD is an important determinant of MCI in PD, and SAI abnormalities suggest aCholinergic dysfunction in PD patients who develop cognitive impairment. Expand
Cortical excitability changes in patients with sleep-wake disturbances after traumatic brain injury.
The cortical hypoexcitability may reflect the deficiency of the excitatory hypocretin/orexin-neurotransmitter system in patients with narcolepsy, and a better understanding of the pathophysiology of post-traumatic SWD may also lead to better therapeutic strategies in these patients. Expand
Cognitive function and cholinergic transmission in patients with subcortical vascular dementia and microbleeds: a TMS study
Novel physiological evidence is provided that MBs have an impact on central cholinergic function that is independent of the extent of associated white matter changes and ischaemic stroke and shows that TMS have potential diagnostic and therapeutic implications. Expand
Somatosensory Stimulation in Functional Neuroimaging: A Review
This chapter reviews somatosensory stimulation in PET and fMRI during the past decades, their advantages and disadvantages, optimal stimulation protocols as well as corresponding brain maps of different approaches of somatosensor stimulation in functional brain imaging and their clinical and neurophysilogical applications. Expand
The locked-in plus syndrome
17 Somatosensory Stimulation in Functional Neuroimaging : A Review
Functional brain imaging of the somatosensory system has evolved over the past two decades and it has become an important tool in the preoperative planning in neurosurgery, in the monitoring inExpand
Neuromodulation of the sensorimotor cortex by vibration stimulation of the whole-hand