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Spontaneous pubertal development in Turner's syndrome. Italian Study Group for Turner's Syndrome.
The incidence of spontaneous puberty in Turner's syndrome is reported to be between 5-10% and, more recently in some series, as high as 20%. In an Italian retrospective multicenter study, of 522Expand
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Accuracy of fine needle aspiration biopsy of thyroid nodules in detecting malignancy in childhood: comparison with conventional clinical, laboratory, and imaging approaches.
In childhood the traditional diagnostic approach to thyroid nodules consists of clinical, laboratory, and imaging evaluations. A safe and accurate procedure is needed to promptly identify patientsExpand
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Childhood Graves' ophthalmopathy: results of a European questionnaire study.
OBJECTIVE Evaluation of the frequency of Graves' ophthalmopathy (GO) and its management in children and adolescents up to 18 years old with Graves' hyperthyroidism. STUDY DESIGN This was aExpand
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Comparability of proptosis measurements by different techniques.
PURPOSE To compare measurements of proptosis obtained by clinicians and computed tomography. DESIGN Cohort study. METHODS In a prospective randomized study of orbital radiotherapy for Graves'Expand
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Special features of Graves' disease in early childhood.
Graves' disease (GD) is extremely rare in children younger than 4 years of age, but if not recognized and treated it can seriously interfere with growth and development. We report three unrelatedExpand
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Long-term observation of 87 girls with idiopathic central precocious puberty treated with gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogs: impact on adult height, body mass index, bone mineral content, and
OBJECTIVE We assessed in a retrospective unicenter study the impact of treatment with GnRH analogs (GnRHa) on adult height (AH), body mass index (BMI), bone mineral density (BMD), and reproductiveExpand
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A promoter polymorphism of the CYP27B1 gene is associated with Addison's disease, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, Graves' disease and type 1 diabetes mellitus in Germans.
BACKGROUND CYP27B1 hydroxylase catalyzes the conversion of 25 hydroxyvitamin D(3) (25OHD(3)) to 1,25(OH)(2)D(3), the most active natural vitamin D metabolite, which plays a role in the regulation ofExpand
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Screening of PRKAR1A and PDE4D in a Large Italian Series of Patients Clinically Diagnosed With Albright Hereditary Osteodystrophy and/or Pseudohypoparathyroidism
The cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) intracellular signaling pathway mediates the physiological effects of several hormones and neurotransmitters, acting by the activation of G‐protein coupledExpand
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Effect of combined treatment with gonadotropin releasing hormone analogue and growth hormone in patients with central precocious puberty who had subnormal growth velocity and impaired height prognosis
Growth hormone‐insulin‐like growth factor‐I status and response to growth hormone therapy (0.6 IU/kg/week sc, six times a week for 12 months) were evaluated in 12 girls (chronological age 9.4 ± 1.6Expand
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Spontaneous Pubertal Development in Turner’s Syndrome
The incidence of spontaneous puberty in Turner’s syndrome is reported to be between 5–10% and, more recently in some series, as high as 20%. In an Italian retrospective multicenter study, of 522Expand
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