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Observation of parity–time symmetry in optics
One of the fundamental axioms of quantum mechanics is associated with the Hermiticity of physical observables 1 . In the case of the Hamiltonian operator, this requirement not only implies realExpand
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Transport and Anderson localization in disordered two-dimensional photonic lattices
One of the most interesting phenomena in solid-state physics is Anderson localization, which predicts that an electron may become immobile when placed in a disordered lattice. The origin ofExpand
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Phase Retrieval with Application to Optical Imaging: A contemporary overview
This review article provides a contemporary overview of phase retrieval in optical imaging, linking optical physics to the signal processing methods and algorithms. Expand
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Discrete Solitons in Optics
Abstract We provide an overview of recent experimental and theoretical developments in the area of optical discrete solitons. By nature, discrete solitons represent self-trapped wavepackets inExpand
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Photonic Topological Insulators
We review the recent progress on the first experimental demonstration of photonic topological insulators, along with a variety of new ideas associated with it.
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Photonic Floquet Topological Insulators
We present the first experimental observation of a Floquet Topological Insulator in any physical system. We realize optical topologically-protected unidirectional edge states, without magneticExpand
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Topological insulator laser: Experiments
Topological protection for lasers Ideas based on topology, initially developed in mathematics to describe the properties of geometric space under deformations, are now finding application inExpand
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Topologically protected bound states in photonic parity-time-symmetric crystals.
Parity-time (PT)-symmetric crystals are a class of non-Hermitian systems that allow, for example, the existence of modes with real propagation constants, for self-orthogonality of propagating modes,Expand
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Experimental observation of optical bound states in the continuum.
We present the experimental observation of bound states in the continuum. Our experiments are carried out in an optical waveguide array structure, where the bound state (guided mode) is decoupledExpand
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Self-trapping of incoherent white light
Optical pulses—wave-packets—propagating in a linear medium have a natural tendency to broaden in time (dispersion) and space (diffraction). Such broadening can be eliminated in a nonlinear mediumExpand
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