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Direct Numerical Simulation of an Accelerating Channel Flow
Direct Numerical Simulation of a linearly accelerating channel flow starting from an initially statistically steady turbulent flow has been performed. It is shown that the response of theExpand
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Turbulence in transient channel flow
Direct numerical simulations (DNS) are performed of a transient channel flow following a rapid increase of flow rate from an initially turbulent flow. It is shown that a low-Reynolds-number turbulentExpand
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ABSTRACT —Plesiosaurs are an enigmatic, diverse extinct group of Mesozoic marine reptiles well known for their unique body plan with two pairs of flippers and usually an elongated neck. The long neckExpand
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A comparative study of turbulence models in a transient channel flow
Open Access funded by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council Under a Creative Commons license The authors would like to acknowledge the financial support provided by the Engineering andExpand
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DNS study of a pipe flow following a step increase in flow rate
Direct numerical simulation (DNS) is conducted to study the transient flow in a pipe following a near-step increase of flow rate from an initial turbulent flow. The results are compared with those ofExpand
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A Comparative Study of Turbulence in Ramp-Up and Ramp-Down Unsteady Flows
DNS of a turbulent channel flow subjected to a step change in pressure gradient are performed to facilitate a direct comparison between ramp-up and ramp-down flows. Strong differences are foundExpand
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Transition of Transient Channel Flow with High Reynolds Number Ratios
Large-eddy simulations of turbulent channel flow subjected to a step-like acceleration have been performed to investigate the effect of high Reynolds number ratios on the transient behaviour of turbulence. Expand
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Temporal acceleration of a turbulent channel flow
We report new laboratory experiments of a flow accelerating from an initially turbulent state following the opening of a valve, together with large eddy simulations of the experiments and extendedExpand
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Turbulence in a transient channel flow with a wall of pyramid roughness
Acknowledgements The authors acknowledge funding from the UK Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EP/G068925/1 and EP/G069441/1). We are grateful to Professor P. Orlandi for his adviceExpand
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Influence of a k-type Roughness on the Behaviour of Turbulence in an Unsteady Channel Flow
Direct Numerical Simulations (DNS) have been carried out for a spatially fully developed turbulent channel flow with one smooth wall and one k-type rough-wall surface to study the influence of aExpand