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Quantum optics: Dedication
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Extracting work from a single heat bath via vanishing quantum coherence.
We present here a quantum Carnot engine in which the atoms in the heat bath are given a small bit of quantum coherence. The induced quantum coherence becomes vanishingly small in the high-temperatureExpand
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Quantum eraser: A proposed photon correlation experiment concerning observation and
We propose and analyze an experiment designed to probe the extent to which information accessible to an observer and the "eraser" of this information affects measured results. The proposed experimentExpand
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Collective lamb shift in single photon Dicke superradiance.
  • M. Scully
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review letters
  • 6 April 2009
The collective Lamb shift and associated radiative decay of a large cloud of radius R containing N atoms uniformly excited by one photon of wavelength lambda is analyzed. It is shown that the timeExpand
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The ring laser gyro
This paper presents a review of both active and passive ring laser devices. The operating principles of the ring laser are developed and discussed, with special emphasis given to the problemsExpand
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Directed spontaneous emission from an extended ensemble of N atoms: timing is everything.
A collection of static atoms is fixed in a crystal at a low temperature and prepared by a pulse of incident radiation of wave vector . The atoms are well described by an entangled Dicke-like state,Expand
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We report the observation of small group velocities of order 90 meters per second, and large group delays of greater than 0.26 ms, in an optically dense hot rubidium gas (≈ 360 K). Media of this kindExpand
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Quantum heat engine power can be increased by noise-induced coherence
Laser and photocell quantum heat engines (QHEs) are powered by thermal light and governed by the laws of quantum thermodynamics. To appreciate the deep connection between quantum mechanics andExpand
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Photosynthetic reaction center as a quantum heat engine
Two seemingly unrelated effects attributed to quantum coherence have been reported recently in natural and artificial light-harvesting systems. First, an enhanced solar cell efficiency was predictedExpand
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