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Characterization of slow pyrolysis biochars: effects of feedstocks and pyrolysis temperature on biochar properties.
Biochars are increasingly used as soil amendment and for C sequestration in soils. The influence of feedstock differences and pyrolysis temperature on biochar characteristics has been widely studied.Expand
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Effects of short-time vibratory ball milling on the shape of FT-IR spectra of wood and cellulose
Abstract Vibratory ball milling is shown to have a strong influence on the shape of FT-IR spectra of wood and cellulose, even if the samples are milled for only a short time. The results show thatExpand
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The PP2C-Type Phosphatase AP2C1, Which Negatively Regulates MPK4 and MPK6, Modulates Innate Immunity, Jasmonic Acid, and Ethylene Levels in Arabidopsis[W]
Wound signaling pathways in plants are mediated by mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPKs) and stress hormones, such as ethylene and jasmonates. In Arabidopsis thaliana, the transmission of woundExpand
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Yellowing and IR-changes of spruce wood as result of UV-irradiation.
The yellowing and IR-changes of spruce wood as a result of UV-irradiation were studied using two different types of xenon lamps (lambda>300 nm; I(o)=50 mW cm(-2) and lambda>280 nm; I(o)=17.5 mWExpand
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The Relationship between near Infrared Spectra of Radial Wood Surfaces and Wood Mechanical Properties
Near infrared (NIR) spectra taken from solid European larch wood samples subjected to axial bending and compression tests revealed an excellent ability to model the variability of mechanicalExpand
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Chemical Imaging of Poplar Wood Cell Walls by Confocal Raman Microscopy
Confocal Raman microscopy was used to illustrate changes of molecular composition in secondary plant cell wall tissues of poplar (Populus nigra × Populus deltoids) wood. Two-dimensional spectral mapsExpand
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Colour of larch heartwood and relationships to extractives and brown-rot decay resistance
Larch heartwood is appreciated for its good mechanical properties, its colour and its texture, and it is often used outdoors because of its natural durability (decay resistance). In this study theExpand
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Characterization of Waste Organic Matter by FT-IR Spectroscopy: Application in Waste Science
A series of experiments has shown that FT-IR (Fourier transform infrared) spectroscopy is a helpful tool for characterizing waste organic matter, its decomposition, and stabilization in rottingExpand
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A common near infrared—based partial least squares regression model for the prediction of wood density of Pinus pinaster and Larix × eurolepis
Wood density is defined as the ratio of mass to volume and therefore in principle it should be possible to calculate a unique partial least squares regression (PLS-R) model for several species. PLS-RExpand
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Eucalyptus camaldulensis density and fiber length estimated by near-infrared spectroscopy
Density and fiber length belong to the parameters that are used by the pulping industry as indicators of wood quality for different industrial processes and final paper products. The feasibility ofExpand
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