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Telomere Fluorescence Measurements in Granulocytes and T Lymphocyte Subsets Point to a High Turnover of Hematopoietic Stem Cells and Memory T Cells in Early Childhood
The findings point to a dramatic decline in stem cell turnover in early childhood and support the notion that cell divisions in hematopoietic stem cells and T cells result in loss of telomeric DNA. Expand
EMSY Links the BRCA2 Pathway to Sporadic Breast and Ovarian Cancer
It is shown that the EMSY gene is amplified almost exclusively in sporadic breast cancer and higher-grade ovarian cancer, and its amplification is associated with worse survival, particularly in node-negative breast cancer, suggesting that it may be of prognostic value. Expand
In vivo positron emission tomographic evidence for compensatory changes in presynaptic dopaminergic nerve terminals in Parkinson's disease
  • Chong S. Lee, A. Samii, +8 authors A. Stoessl
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Annals of neurology
  • 1 April 2000
Observations suggest that the activity of aromatic L‐amino acid decarboxylase is up‐regulated, whereas the plasma membrane DA transporter is down‐regulated in the striatum of patients with PD. Expand
Risk factors for progression of visual field abnormalities in normal-tension glaucoma.
The factors that affect the rate of progression help decide the expected prognosis of the individual's untreated disease and thereby the frequency of follow-up and aggressiveness of the therapy to be undertaken. Expand
Arthritis and anti-inflammatory agents as possible protective factors for Alzheimer's disease
Estimation of the overall chance of individuals exposed to arthritis or anti-inflammatory drugs developing AD as compared with the general population and population-based studies with rheumatoid arthritis and NSAID use as risk factors suggest anti- inflammatory drugs may have a protective effect against AD. Expand
Effect of school-based physical activity interventions on body mass index in children: a meta-analysis
Current population-based policies that mandate increased physical activity in schools are unlikely to have a significant effect on the increasing prevalence of childhood obesity, according to a systematic review and meta-analysis. Expand
Expectation and Dopamine Release: Mechanism of the Placebo Effect in Parkinson's Disease
In vivo evidence is provided for substantial release of endogenous dopamine in the striatum of PD patients in response to placebo, indicating that the placebo effect in PD is powerful and is mediated through activation of the damaged nigrostriatal dopamine system. Expand
Age‐dependent decline of dopamine D1 receptors in human brain: A PET study
It is concluded that dopamine D1 receptor density declines with age and that the effects of physiological ageing may play a role in the expression of extrapyramidal disorders in the elderly. Expand
Does this dyspneic patient in the emergency department have congestive heart failure?
A low serum BNP proved to be the most useful test for diagnosing heart failure in adult patients presenting with dyspnea in the emergency department, and a directed history, physical examination, chest radiograph, and electrocardiography should be performed. Expand
A meta-analysis of the effect of Bacille Calmette Guérin vaccination on tuberculin skin test measurements
In subjects without active tuberculosis, immunisation with BCG significantly increases the likelihood of a positive tuberculin skin test and the size of the induration should also be considered when making recommendations for treatment of latent infection. Expand