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Stratification of lakes
[1] Many lakes show vertical stratification of their water masses, at least for some extended time periods. Density differences in water bodies facilitate an evolution of chemical differences withExpand
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Water column anammox and denitrification in a temperate permanently stratified lake (Lake Rassnitzer, Germany).
We studied microbial N(2) production via anammox and denitrification in the anoxic water column of a restored mining pit lake in Germany over an annual cycle. We obtained high-resolutionExpand
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Natural and Anthropogenic Sulfuric Acidification of Lakes
Since the early 1960s, acid rain has affected surface waters in regions with soils low in carbonates. The acidification of whole lake districts resulted from industrial emissions distributed throughExpand
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A pilot-scale field experiment for the microbial neutralization of a holomictic acidic pit lake
Abstract A strategy to neutralize acidic pit lakes was tested in an upscaling process using field mesocosms of 26 to ca. 4500 m3 volume in the acidic pit Mining Lake 111 in Germany. After addition ofExpand
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Pit lakes of the Central German lignite mining district: Creation, morphometry and water quality aspects
Abstract About 140 pit lakes exist in Central Germany. These have resulted from lignite mining and are important parts of the post-mining landscape in the Central German lignite mining district.Expand
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Chemical Characteristics of Water and Sediment in Acid Mining Lakes of the Lusatian Lignite District
Hard and brown coal mining has a long tradition in central and eastern Europe and covers large areas of mining in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic (Geller et al., this Vol.). In Germany thereExpand
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Physical Features of Meromictic Lakes: Stratification and Circulation
Lakes turn meromictic, when mixing and deep recirculation are insufficient to homogenize the water body and remove chemical gradients. A deepwater layer “the monimolimnion ” is excluded from the deepExpand
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A study on arsenic and the heavy metals in the Mulde river system
Analyses of water, suspended particulate matter, and sediment for the area drained by the river Mulde (Germany) for the early 90's show a high level of pollution in several sections of the riverExpand
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Ecological response of two hydro-morphological similar pre-dams to contrasting land-use in the Rappbode reservoir system (Germany)
Two morphologically similar pre-dams (Hassel and Rappbode pre-dams, Harz Mountains, Germany) of a large reservoir with different land use in their catchments were compared with respect to theirExpand
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No nitrification in lakes below pH 3.
Lakes affected by acid mine drainage (AMD) or acid rain often contain elevated concentrations of ammonium, which threatens water quality. It is commonly assumed that this is due to the inhibition ofExpand
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