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Decimal multiplication via carry-save addition
Decimal multiplication is important in many commercial applications including financial analysis, banking, tax calculation, currency conversion, insurance, and accounting. We present two novelExpand
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The case for GPGPU spatial multitasking
The set-top and portable device market continues to grow, as does the demand for more performance under increasing cost, power, and thermal constraints. The integration of Graphics Processing UnitsExpand
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Approximating Elementary Functions with Symmetric Bipartite Tables
This paper presents a high-speed method for function approximation that employs symmetric bipartite tables. This method performs two parallel table lookups to obtain a carry-save (borrow-save)Expand
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High-speed multioperand decimal adders
There is increasing interest in hardware support for decimal arithmetic as a result of recent growth in commercial, financial, and Internet-based applications. Consequently, new specifications forExpand
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Truncated multiplication with correction constant [for DSP]
Multiplication is frequently required in digital signal processing. Parallel multipliers provide a high-speed method for multiplication, but require large area for VLSI implementations. In mostExpand
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The Symmetric Table Addition Method for Accurate Function Approximation
This paper presents a high-speed method for computing elementary functions using parallel table lookups and multi-operand addition. Increasing the number of tables and inputs to the multi-operandExpand
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Lossless and lossy memory I/O link compression for improving performance of GPGPU workloads
State-of-the-art graphic processing units (GPUs) provide very high memory bandwidth, but the performance of many general-purpose GPU (GPGPU) workloads is still bounded by memory bandwidth. AlthoughExpand
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Hardware Designs for Exactly Rounded Elemantary Functions
This paper presents hardware designs that produce exactly rounded results for the functions of reciprocal, square-root, 2/sup x/, and log/sub 2/(x). These designs use polynomial approximation inExpand
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Symmetric bipartite tables for accurate function approximation
The paper presents a methodology for designing bipartite tables for accurate function approximation. Bipartite tables use two parallel table lookups to obtain a carry-save (borrow-save) functionExpand
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Efficient function approximation using truncated multipliers and squarers
  • E. G. Walters, M. Schulte
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • 17th IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic (ARITH…
  • 27 June 2005
This paper presents a technique for designing linear and quadratic interpolators for function approximation using truncated multipliers and squarers. Initial coefficient values are found using aExpand
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