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Cell Structure Of Shellfish Pathogens And Hyper-Parasites In The Genera Minchinia, Urosporidium, Haplosporidium, And Marteilia-Taxonomic Implications
The ultrastructure of shellfish pathogens and hyperparasites in the genera Minchinia, Urosporidium, Haplosporidium, and Marteilia is reviewed and new structural information provided. Emphasis is
Effects Of Perkinsus marinus Infection In The Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea virginica: Ii. Disease Development And Impact On Growth Rate At Different Salinities
In order to assess the impact of Perkinsus marinus infection on oyster growth and mortality, oysters were raised in floating rafts at six sites around Chesapeake Bay. The sites were comprised of two
Site Selection For Oyster Habitat Rehabilitation In The Virginia Portion Of The Chesapeake Bay: A Commentary
A s1gnifican1 body of knowledge ha, been generated dunng 1he pnsl decade on dbease 1olerance of 1he na1ne ov,1er Craslo;1reo rh:~inica. A major opponunuy lo move 11110 a large-scale field applicauon
Virginal Facades Sexual Freedom and Guilt among Young Turkish Women
Charged with personal, societal and legal significance, the hymen, as a fold of flesh, has the power to rule the sexual identities of unmarried women in Turkey. This article examines the forms and
Simulation of Hurricane Isabel Using the Advanced Circulation Model (ADCIRC)
Hurricane Isabel made landfall near Drum Inlet, about 240 km south of the Chesapeake Bay mouth, on the Outer Banks of North Carolina at 1700 UTC (GMT 12:00), September 18, 2003. Hurricane Isabel is
Comparison Of Growth Rates Between Diploid DEBY Eastern Oysters ( Crassostrea Virginica , Gmelin 1791 ) , Triploid Eastern Oysters , And Triploid Suminoe Oysters ( C . Ariakensis , Fugita 1913 )
Oyster size and morphology affect individual oyster physiology, reproductive biology, and habitat production as well as population ecological services and availability for commercial harvest. Options
Some Aspects Of The Biology Of Deep-Sea Lobsters Of The Family Polychelidae (Crustacea, Decapoda) From The Western North-Atlantic
Stereomastis nana was the most abundant species of Polychelidae collected by otter trawl on the continental slope of the Middle Atlantic Bight, otTthe eastern United States. Total catches were almost
A study of the effect of interactive language in the stimulation of cognitive functioning for students with learning disabilities
Much can be gained by applying knowledge and insight gleaned from the field of neuropsychology to the field of education. Diagnosis and treatment of learning disabilities (LD) could be enhanced