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Semivolatile long chain C6-C17 alkyl nitrates as trace compounds in air
Abstract The analytical chemistry of long chain alkyl nitrates with carbon numbers up to 26 is reported for the first time. The thermolabile long chain alkyl nitrates can be analysed by capillary gasExpand
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Double rotation and magic-angle spinning nuclear magnetic resonance study of 27Al: reexamination of the aluminium borate 9Al2O3.2B2O3.
27Al nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of polycrystalline aluminium borate 9Al2O3.2B2O3 have been measured in double rotation at 11.7 and 7.0 T and high-speed magic-angle spinning at 7.0, 9.4, 11.7,Expand
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C1−C15 Alkyl Nitrates, Benzyl Nitrate, and Bifunctional Nitrates: Measurements in California and South Atlantic Air and Global Comparison Using C2Cl4 and CHBr3 as Marker Molecules†
Measurements of C1−C15 alkyl nitrates, perchloroethylene, and bromoform at two different sampling sites near Santa Cruz, CA, were conducted in 1995. The halocarbons were used as marker molecules toExpand
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A NiFeMo Electroplating Bath for Micromachined Structures
A number of micromachined magnetic sensors and actuators require materials with desirable magnetic properties such as high permeability and thicknesses in the range of several micrometers. MaterialsExpand
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On the uniqueness of generalized and quasi-regular solutions to equations of mixed type in ℝ3
Some three-dimensional (3D) problems for mixed type equations of first and second kind are studied. For equation of Tricomi type, they are 3D analogs of the Darboux (or Cauchy-Goursat) plane problem.Expand
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For 3-D wave equation M. Protter formulated (1952) some boundary value problems (BVP) which are three-dimensional analogues of the Darboux problems on the plane. Protter studied these problems in aExpand
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Zur Pathophysiologie des Schocks
Unter Schock verstehen wir eine akute, mehr oder weniger allgemeine Verminderung der Gewebsdurchblutung, so das eine Hypoxydose eintritt. Diese Definition hat den Vorteil, das von vornherein derExpand
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Durchblutung und Sauerstoffaufnahme des Gehirns
Es lassen sich unterscheiden: direkte u. indirekte Methoden, solche, die quantitative oder nur qualitative Aussagen ermoglichen, Methoden, die nur Einzelmessungen oder aber fortlaufende MessungenExpand
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