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A mobile high-precision gravimeter based on atom interferometry
Since 1991, matter wave interferometry has been used in many laboratories for a variety of fundamental physics experiments, e.g. measurement of the fine-structure and gravity constants or equivalenceExpand
Homogeneity of mechanically alloyed nano-crystalline Fe – Cu-powders
Abstract In this contribution Atom Probe Tomography has been applied systematically to characterise the homogeneity of mechanically alloyed Fe – Cu powders for two different compositions (Fe-10 at.%Expand
Spatial Distribution of Optical Near-Fields in Plasmonic Gold Sphere Segment Voids
We present a comprehensive experimental and computational study on the electromagnetic field distribution in sphere segment void arrays. Surface plasmon polaritons can be excited in these voidExpand
SAI: a compact atom interferometer for future space missions
Atom interferometry represents a quantum leap in the technology for the ultra-precise monitoring of accelerations and rotations and, therefore, for all the science that relies on the latterExpand
A method for determining position using a radio signal with a rotating transmission characteristic and user terminal
A method for determining the position of a mobile object (MT) using at least one radio signal with a rotating transmission characteristic (1, 7, 9) at leastone reference station (BS), characterized, in that - checks the mobile object when detecting the radio signal the presence of a reference event (t0, t4, ...,SFN0, SFN4) is known and from the reference event a relative position to the reference station is determined. Expand
Effect of structure and interlayer diffusion in organic position sensitive photodetectors based on complementary wedge donor/acceptor layers.
We have developed organic photodetectors based on two complementary wedge layers made of CuPc and C60 and observed a strong spatial dependence of the spectral response on the position of the incidentExpand
Journalismus als „Kontingenzmaschine“
Der Beitrag untersucht die Rolle des Journalismus beim Aufbau gesellschaftlicher Komplexitat. Bislang legen komplexitatstheoretische Ansatze, namentlich die Systemtheorie, einen Fokus aufExpand