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Regional assignment of a 2.1-kb repetitive sequence to the distal part of the human Y heterochromatin
SummaryVariants in structure and content of the human Y chromosome were investigated by cytogenetic methods and by restriction endonuclease analysis. It is shown that most or all of the 2.1 kbExpand
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Deletion mapping of the testis determining locus with DNA probes in 46,XX males and in 46,XY and 46,X,dic(Y) females.
Eleven Y-specific DNA probes hybridizing with DNA from one or more 46,XX males were isolated from a recombinant phage DNA library constructed from flow sorted human Y chromosomes. Two probesExpand
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Comparative DNA/DNA reassociation kinetics in three hamster species.
1. Three major DNA repetition classes can be distinguished in the genomes of three hamster species Mesocricetus auratus, Cricetulus griseus, and Phodopus sungorus sungorus: A very fast reassociatingExpand
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Evolution of muntjac DNA
The extent of nuclear single-copy DNA divergence between Muntiacus reevesi and Muntiacus muntjak vaginalis (Cervidae), a species pair showing extreme karyotype differences but striking morphologicalExpand
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An improved method for Y-body identification and confirmation of a high incidence of YY sperm nuclei
SummaryThe fluorescence of Y-bodies and brightly fluorescing autosomal heterochromatin in quinacrine mustard stained interphase nuclei treated with distamycin A is more brilliant than in nucleiExpand
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Book reviews
Chromosomes have long fascinated researchers not s imply because they are carriers of genetic information but because their study is pursued with great interest in disciplines as varied as medicine,Expand
Pollen Mediated Indirect Gene Transfer to Dicots and Monocots
Scientists will often be well advised to follow Nature as close as possible. Therefore, Hess proposed as early as 1974 to use Nature’s masterly elaborated pollen transfer system in introducingExpand
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