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Decoherence and the Quantum-To-Classical Transition
Introducing Decoherence.- The Basic Formalism and Interpretation of Decoherence.- Decoherence Is Everywhere: Localization Due to Environmental Scattering.- Master-Equation Formulations ofExpand
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Realistic protein–protein association rates from a simple diffusional model neglecting long‐range interactions, free energy barriers, and landscape ruggedness
We develop a simple but rigorous model of protein–protein association kinetics based on diffusional association on free energy landscapes obtained by sampling configurations within and surroundingExpand
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A general expression for bimolecular association rates with orientational constraints
We present a general expression for the association rate for partially diffusion-controlled reactions between spherical molecules with an asymmetric reactive patch on each surface. Reaction can occurExpand
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Decoherence and dissipation of a quantum harmonic oscillator coupled to two-level systems
We derive and analyze the Born-Markov master equation for a quantum harmonic oscillator interacting with a bath of independent two-level systems. This hitherto virtually unexplored model plays aExpand
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The Next Big Bang
POPULAR WISDOM HOLDS that fundamental change and new discoveries tend to happen precisely when they’re least expected–and when everyone is vehemently denying their possibility. In this context, itExpand
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The Role of Philosophy
EINSTEIN, IN HIS INCOMPARABLE WAY, once called philosophy a “mother who gave birth to and endowed all the other sciences.” And therefore, he went on, “one should not scorn her in her nakedness andExpand
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Reply to "Comment on 'Decoherence and dissipation of a quantum harmonic oscillator coupled to two-level systems' "
Contrary to the assertion by Mogilevtsev and Shatokhin [preceding paper, Phys. Rev. A 78, 016101 (2008)], we show that the applicability of the Born-Markov master-equation approach in our treatmentExpand
Protective measurement of open quantum systems
We study protective quantum measurements in the presence of an environment and decoherence. We consider the model of a protectively measured qubit that also interacts with a spin environment duringExpand
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Protective measurement of a qubit by a qubit probe
We study the protective measurement of a qubit by a second qubit acting as a probe. Consideration of this model is motivated by the possibility of its experimental implementation in multiqubitExpand