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iSANLA: Intelligent Sensor and Actuator Network for Life science Applications
In the fields of neurological rehabilitation and neurophysiological research there is a strong need for miniaturized, multi channel, battery driven, wireless networking DAQ systems enabling real-timeExpand
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Automated electrical stimulation and recording for retina implant research by LabVIEW configured standalone data acquisition device
To understand the neural processes within retina cell layers recent retina implant research focusses on bidirectional communication with bi-polar and ganglion cells in in-vitro retinal tissue. InExpand
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Distributed Intelligent Sensor Network for the Rehabilitation of Parkinson's Patients
The coordination between locomotion and respiration of Parkinson's disease (PD) patients is reduced or even absent. The degree of this disturbance is assumed to be associated with the diseaseExpand
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Embedded device for simultaneous recording and stimulation for retina implant research
Simultaneous stimulation and recording of retinal nerve cells with penetrating three dimensional multi-electrode arrays (MEA) on a localized area is a demanding challenge in next generation retinaExpand
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Raspberry Pi based testbed verifying TrueTime network model parameters for application in distributed active turbulent flow control
The total drag of transport systems such as airplanes, ships and/or trains is primarily determined by friction drag. At high Reynolds numbers (<; 104) transversal surface waves are a promisingExpand
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Development of a quasi time stretch technology for indoor positioning system based on pulse modulated ultra high frequency radio
Data acquisition of high speed signal is a major challenge in developing a high accuracy Indoor Position System (IPS) based on Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Radio. The proposed technology is developedExpand
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Smooth wavelength transition in a Lorentz force based actuator system for turbulence research
The development of robust methods to significantly reduce frictional resistance of the turbulent boundary layer involves wind tunnel experiments with transversal waves on an extended aluminumExpand
Assessment of the photodetection performance of different silicon photomultiplier technologies under irradiation with cold neutrons
Results are presented of the opto-electrical characterization of two analog and one digital SiPM arrays, produced by three different manufacturers (SensL, Hamamatsu, and Philips), before and afterExpand
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