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Determination of trace elements
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Seasonal variability of trace metals in the Lena River and the southeastern Laptev Sea: Impact of the spring freshet
The distribution of dissolved and particulate trace metals (Fe, Mn, Cu, Ni, Zn, and Pb) was studied for the first time during the spring high flow period of the Lena River (Arctic Siberia). TheExpand
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Geochemistry of surficial and ice-rafted sediments from the Laptev Sea (Siberia)
The Laptev Sea, as a part of the world’s widest continental shelves surrounding the Arctic Ocean, is a key area for understanding the land–ocean interaction in high latitude regions. With a yearlyExpand
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A comparative study of WiMAX subscriber equipment antennas
While single antenna system performance can suffer in multipath environments Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) antenna systems can take advantage of rich multipath and offer significant cost-performance benefits. Expand
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Dissolved and Particulate Major and Trace Elements in Newly Formed Ice from the Laptev Sea (Transdrift III, October 1995)
Dissolved and particulate elements were determined in new ice, nilas and young ice of the Laptev Sea. Sampling was carried out during the autumn freeze-up period in 1995.
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