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The Nature of Sympathy
The Nature of Sympathy explores, at different levels, the social emotions of fellow-feeling, the sense of identity, love and hatred, and traces their relationship to one another and to the valuesExpand
Formalism in Ethics and Non-Formal Ethics of Values: A New Attempt Toward the Foundation of an Ethical Personalism
A lengthy critique of Kant's apriorism precedes discussions on the ethical principles of eudaemonism, utilitarianism, pragmatism, and positivism.
Selected Philosophical Essays
The human place in the cosmos
Introduction, Eugene Kelly Translator's Note The Human Place in the Cosmos, Preface to the First Edition The Human Place in the Cosmos Translator's Glossary of Words of Intricate Meanings CurrentExpand
On The Eternal In Man
Max Scheler (1874-1928) decisively influenced German philosophy in the period after the First World War, a time of upheaval and new beginnings. Without him, the problems of German philosophy today,Expand
On Feeling, Knowing, and Valuing: Selected Writings.
One of the pioneers of modern sociology, Max Scheler (1874- 1928) ranks with Max Weber, Edmund Husserl, and Ernst Troeltsch as being among the most brilliant minds of his generation. Yet Scheler isExpand
Problems of a Sociology of Knowledge
1. Translator's Note 2. Introduction by Kenneth W. Stikkers Part I: The Essence and Concept of a Sociology of Culture 3. Cultural Sociology: Sociology of Real Factors, and the Hierarchical LawsExpand
Exemplars of Person and Leaders
From the mysterious powers and forces peculiar to both individual and community that can turn our lives into either good or bad lives, I wish to point to two such powers being at the same timeExpand
Person And Self-Value
The Meaning of Suffering
A doctrine on the meaning of pain and suffering was, in all lands, at all times, in the whole world, at the core of the teachings and directives which the great religious and philosophical thinkersExpand