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A framework for scaling up health interventions: lessons from large-scale improvement initiatives in Africa
BackgroundScaling up complex health interventions to large populations is not a straightforward task. Without intentional, guided efforts to scale up, it can take many years for a new evidence-basedExpand
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US Organ Donation Breakthrough Collaborative Increases Organ Donation
More than 92000 Americans are on waiting lists for organ transplants, and an average of 17 of them die each day while waiting. The US Organ Donation Breakthrough Collaborative (ODBC), which began inExpand
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Rapid Improvement in Pain Management: The Veterans Health Administration and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Collaborative
BackgroundPoor pain management persists in health care. Although common practice errors in pain management have been identified and standards and guidelines for pain management have been published,Expand
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Quality improvements in end of life care: insights from two collaboratives.
BACKGROUND Just a few generations ago, most people died suddenly, at any age. Now, most die of serious chronic disease, after a substantial period of disability. The care system does not serve thisExpand
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Saving 100 000 lives in US hospitals
An initiative to cut avoidable deaths required rapid recruitment and support of large numbers of US hospitals. Campaign leaders describe how they coordinate nationwide implementation of effectiveExpand
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Quality improvement for pressure ulcer care in the nursing home setting: the Northeast Pressure Ulcer Project.
OBJECTIVES The objectives of this study were to evaluate the impact of a collaborative model of quality improvement in nursing homes on processes of care for the prevention and treatment of pressureExpand
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Using a framework for spread: The case of patient access in the Veterans Health Administration.
BACKGROUND Experience indicates that an effective operational system will spread much more slowly than, for example, a new antinausea drug. The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) used a FrameworkExpand
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Continuous quality improvement for patients with back pain
Recent evidence has changed traditional approaches to low back pain, suggesting minimal bed rest, highly selective imaging, and early return to normal activities. However, there are wide geographicalExpand
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Improving patient access to the Veterans Health Administration's primary care and specialty clinics.
BACKGROUND During the past four years the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) has been engaged in a national effort to improve access for patients to its 1,826 primary care, audiology, cardiology,Expand
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A stakeholder-driven agenda for advancing the science and practice of scale-up and spread in health
BackgroundAlthough significant advances have been made in implementation science, comparatively less attention has been paid to broader scale-up and spread of effective health programs at theExpand
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