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Bread properties and crumb structure
Abstract The relationship between bread-crumb cellular structure and many aspects of quality in a loaf of white bread justifies investigations of how the structure arises during processing of theExpand
The bubble size distribution in wheat flour dough
This paper reports, for the first time, the use of non-invasive microcomputed tomography (lCT) to unambiguously determine the bubble size distribution in doughs made from strong breadmaking flour.Expand
Reduction in lentil cooking time using micronization: Comparison of 2 micronization temperatures
Laird No. 1 lentils micronized (high-Intensity infrared heat) to give internal temperatures of 138 and 170 °C were compared to unprocessed lentils stored at room temperature. Micronized lentils,Expand
Cellular Structure of Bread Crumb and its Influence on Mechanical Properties
Quantification of structure is a desirable goal if the mechanical properties of cellular solids such as bread crumb are to be predicted. This study determined the influence of cellular structure onExpand
Effects of micronization pretreatments on the physicochemical properties of navy and black beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)
Tempering pretreatments were evaluated for the micronization of navy and black beans. Navy and black beans were tempered to 28 g/100 g and 26 g/100 g moisture, respectively, using water, a mixture ofExpand
Effect of tempering and end moisture content on the quality of micronized lentils
The use of micronization (infrared treatment) on grain legumes tempered with water has potential for reducing cooking times. Using Laird lentils, the effects of tempering conditions and moistureExpand
Rheological Properties of Milkfat and Butter
Butter and milkfat are examples of plastic materials for which texture is a critical factor in determining functionality and consumer acceptance. The methods by which butter rheology is characterizedExpand
Using ultrasound to investigate the cellular structure of bread crumb
Abstract In this paper, ultrasonic techniques were used to study how the mechanical properties of bread crumb are affected by changing the size, concentration and shape of the crumb cells. Since theExpand
The chemistry of bread making: The role of salt to ensure optimal functionality of its constituents
ABSTRACT Large consumptions of dietary sodium have been shown to lead to hypertension, one of the main causative factors in cardiovascular disease. Bread (and other cereal products) accounts for ~30%Expand
This study used the approach taken by Bourne to obtain the compressive and shear components for an agar gel. But in addition, the low strain regime for the same experiments was used to evaluate theExpand