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Reinventing Fiscal Policy
Recent developments in macroeconomic policy, in terms of both theory and practice, have elevated monetary policy while downgrading fiscal policy. Monetary policy has focused on the setting ofExpand
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Aggregate Demand, Conflict, and Capacity in the Inflationary Process
The dominant view relating to unemployment and inflation is that inflation will be constant at a level of unemployment (the nonaccelerating inflation rate of unemployment, NAIRU) determined on theExpand
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A Handbook of Alternative Monetary Economics
A handbook of alternative monetary economics , A handbook of alternative monetary economics , کتابخانه دیجیتال و فن آوری اطلاعات دانشگاه امام صادق(ع)
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The NAIRU: A Critical Appraisal
This paper is concerned with the question of the relevance of the NAIRU for policy formulation. However, that question leads to the following consideration. The estimates for the NAIRU are based onExpand
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The Relationship between Capital Stock, Unemployment and Wages in Nine EMU Countries
The focus of this paper is to investigate the importance of the capital stock in the determination of wages and unemployment in a range of EMU countries and to compare the results across countries. AExpand
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The Nature and Role of Monetary Policy When Money is Endogenous
This paper considers the nature and role of monetary policy when money is modelled as credit money endogenously created within the private sector. There are currently two schools of thought that viewExpand
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Employer of Last Resort: Could It Deliver Full Employment and Price Stability?
Proposals under the headings of employer of last resort (ELR) and job guarantee have been made under which jobs would be available to all at a basic wage. These schemes promise a combination of fullExpand
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What Is Financialization?
The paper seeks to distinguish between two broad perspectives on financialization. The first takes the view that financialization relates to the growth of the financial sector in its operations,Expand
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