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The effects of gadolinium, a stretch-sensitive channel blocker, on diaphragm muscle.
Stretch-activated channels (SAC) have been identified in many cell types including striated muscles. In diaphragm muscle, the influence of SAC on the length-active tension relationship remainsExpand
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Sensitivity to H, Li and Mg ions of the slow inward sodium current in frog atrial fibres.
Abstract Membrane currents have beenmeasured in frog atrial fibres under voltage clamp conditions (double sucrose gap method); the effects on these currents of (i) an increase in [H]o, (ii) theExpand
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Effect of palytoxin on the calcium current and the mechanical activity of frog heart muscle
  • M. Sauviat
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • British journal of pharmacology
  • 1 November 1989
1 The effect of palytoxin (PTX) on the Ca current (ICa) and the mechanical activity of frog atrial fibres was studied by use of the double sucrose gap voltage clamp technique. 2 In normal RingerExpand
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Does crude venom of the stonefish (Synanceia verrucosa) activate beta-adrenoceptors in the frog heart muscle?
Venom isolated from the stonefish Synanceia verrucosa was assayed in concentrations of 0.07 and 5.7 micrograms/ml on frog atrial fibres and myocytes. Venom, less than 2.9 micrograms/ml,Expand
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Bistramide A, a new toxin from the urochordata Lissoclinum bistratum Sluiter: isolation and preliminary characterization.
Two cases of human intoxication caused by the lyophilized powder of Lissoclinum bistratum Sluiter, a New Caledonian ascidian, are reported. The symptoms observed were caused by a substance designatedExpand
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Effects of trachynilysin, a protein isolated from stonefish (Synanceia trachynis) venom, on frog atrial heart muscle.
The effects of trachynilysin (TLY), a protein toxin isolated from stonefish (Synanceia trachynis) venom, were studied on the electrical and mechanical activities of frog atrial fibres. TLY (1Expand
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Cardiotoxicity of verrucotoxin, a protein isolated from the venom of Synanceia verrucosa.
Freshly purified but unstable verrucotoxin (VTX) and a more stable proteic complex of the toxin (p-VTX) were isolated from the venom of the stonefish Synanceia verrucosa and applied to frog atrialExpand
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Blockade of sodium channels by Bistramide A in voltage-clamped frog skeletal muscle fibres.
The effect of Bistramide A, a toxin isolated from Bistratum lissoclinum Sluiter (Urochordata), on the peak sodium current (INa) of frog skeletal muscle fibres was studied with the double sucrose gapExpand
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[Effect of phoratoxin B on electrical and mechanical activities of the rat papillary muscle].
The effect of phoratoxin B(PH-TX), a small basic protein isolated from mistletoe, on transmembrane potentials and contraction of papillary muscles was studied using conventional intracellularExpand
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Cardiotoxicity of lindane
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