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Comparison of different regimens of intravenous dexmedetomidine on duration of subarachnoid block
It is concluded that the continuous infusion of dexmedetomidine results in more advantages than just a bolus dose and is suggested to be used after subarachnoid blockade for prolonging the duration and achieving sedation. Expand
Comparing slow and rapid bolus of ephedrine in pregnant patients undergoing planned cesarean section under spinal anesthesia
Slow bolus of ephedrine is better than rapid bolus to treat spinal-induced hypotension during cesarean section in view of less fetal acidosis. Expand
Comparison of analgesic efficacy of continuous bilateral transversus abdominis plane catheter infusion with that of lumbar epidural for postoperative analgesia in patients undergoing lower abdominal
Continuous bilateral TAP block is as efficacious as the continuous lumbar epidural infusion in relieving postoperative pain in patients undergoing lower abdominal surgeries. Expand
Decidual Exclusion Myometrial Reefing in EXIT
A case of EXIT done for a fetus with a prenatal diagnosis of congenital goiter is presented and a novel method of minimizing maternal blood loss during the procedure is described. Expand
Effect of Chloride Liberal Fluids on Renal and Metabolic Profiles of Patients Undergoing Off-pump CABGs
It would be difficult to accept the authors' conclusions regarding the obvious benefits of chloride restricted fluids, without attributing the changes to, maybe a difference in the relative volumes infused in the two groups. Expand
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The SHIV macaque model provides an important benchmark for preclinical HIV-1 research, serving as a gatekeeper for advancing vaccine and other prevention approaches. The ability of such models toExpand
Comparison of conventional C-MAC video laryngoscope guided intubation by anesthesia trainees with and without Frova endotracheal introducer: A randomized clinical trial
Frova introducer guided endotracheal intubation with C-MAC videolaryngoscope in patients with normal airways had a marginally prolonged intubations time with a significant reduction in the need of external laryngeal manoeuvres but with a comparable number of redirections and attempts. Expand
Oral Presentations.
The more you practise, the quicker you overcome the initial fear and might actually start to enjoy giving the presentation. Expand
Evaluation of simple pre-determined length insertion technique (SPLIT) with conventional method for oral fibreoptic intubation: A randomised cross-over study
The SPLIT significantly lessened the time to visualise the glottis than conventional technique for FOB and is suggested to secure the airway at the earliest and also as an alternative to conventional technique. Expand