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Brain imaging of 18F‐fallypride in normal volunteers: Blood analysis, distribution, test‐retest studies, and preliminary assessment of sensitivity to aging effects on dopamine D‐2/D‐3 receptors
Human studies of dopamine D2/D3 receptors using 18F‐fallypride‐PET in normal volunteers were performed to evaluate brain distribution in striatal and extrastriatal regions, evaluate metabolites inExpand
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Prediction of Pathology and Survival by FDG PET in Gliomas
AbstractObjectives: Despite being in use for nearly two decades, the utility of [18F]2-fluoro-2deoxy-d-glucose positron emission tomography (FDG PET) in the evaluation and treatment of brain tumorsExpand
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A comparative study on the uptake and incorporation of radiolabeled methionine, choline and fluorodeoxyglucose in human astrocytoma.
PURPOSE The goal of this investigation was to evaluate uptake and incorporation of 2-deoxy-2-[18F]fluoro-D-glucose (FDG), 11C-methionine, and 11C-choline in 17 patients suspected of grade-II andExpand
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Volume image registration by template matching
A template-matching approach to registration of volumetric images is introduced. Expand
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An adaptive window mechanism for image smoothing
Image smoothing using adaptive windows whose shapes, sizes, and orientations vary with image structure is described. Expand
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Radiation dose to the fetus from [18F]-FDG administration during the second trimester of pregnancy
Abstract—The authors estimated the fetal radiation dose from [18F]-FDG in a rare case of a woman who underwent a PET/CT scan during the second trimester of pregnancy. The patient, a 27-y-old femaleExpand
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A genetically engineered strain of Saccharopolyspora erythraea that produces 6,12-dideoxyerythromycin A as the major fermentation product
Abstract The erythromycin producer, Saccharopolyspora erythraea ER720, was genetically engineered to produce 6,12-dideoxyerythromycin A, a novel erythromycin derivative, as the major macrolide in theExpand
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A novel, integrated PET-guided MRS technique resulting in more accurate initial diagnosis of high-grade glioma
Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most common and lethal malignant glioma in adults. Currently, the modality of choice for diagnosing brain tumor is high-resolution magnetic resonance imagingExpand
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Volumetric image registration by template matching
A template-matching approach to registration of volumetric images is described. Expand
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Correlative Whole-Body FDG-PET and Intraoperative Gamma Detection of FDG Distribution in Colorectal Cancer.
Purpose: 18F-Fluorodeoxyglucose-positron emission tomography (FDG-PET) is the superior imaging modality for detection of primary and recurrent colorectal cancer compared to magnetic resonance imagingExpand
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