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Cotton leaf curl disease - an emerging threat to cotton production worldwide.
Cotton leaf curl disease (CLCuD) is a serious disease of cotton which has characteristic symptoms, the most unusual of which is the formation of leaf-like enations on the undersides of leaves. TheExpand
Molecular characterization of begomoviruses and DNA satellites associated with okra leaf curl disease in Cameroon.
Okra leaf curl disease (OLCD) is the most important viral disease of okra in West Africa. In this study, a complex of begomoviruses and associated DNA satellites were identified in symptomatic okraExpand
CRISPR/Cas9: A Tool to Circumscribe Cotton Leaf Curl Disease
The begomoviruses (family Geminiviridae) associated with cotton leaf curl disease (CLCuD) pose a major threat to cotton productivity in South–East Asia including Pakistan and India. These virusesExpand
The Prediction of a New CLCuD Epidemic in the Old World
Cotton leaf curl disease (CLCuD), the most complex disease of cotton, is a major limiting biotic factor to worldwide cotton productivity. Several whitefly-transmitted monopartite begomovirusesExpand
Effects of the mutation of selected genes of cotton leaf curl Kokhran virus on infectivity, symptoms and the maintenance of cotton leaf curl Multan betasatellite.
Cotton leaf curl Kokhran virus (CLCuKoV) is a cotton-infecting monopartite begomovirus (family Geminiviridae). The effects of mutation of the coat protein (CP), V2, C2 and C4 genes of CLCuKoV onExpand
CRISPR/Cas9: A Practical Approach in Date Palm Genome Editing
The genetic modifications through breeding of crop plants have long been used to improve the yield and quality. However, precise genome editing (GE) could be a very useful supplementary tool forExpand
Detection of Tomato yellow leaf curl virus in imported tomato fruit in northern Europe
Imported tomato fruits infected with Tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV) were identified on the market in northern Europe using paper-based FTA Classic Cards (Whatman), polymerase chain reactionExpand
Diversity and interactions of begomoviruses and their associated DNA-satellites
To study the diversity of begomovirus/DNA-satellite complexes, plants of one crop species (okra; Abelmoschus esculentus) and one weed species (Ageratum conyzoides), both with leaf curling symptoms,Expand
Detection of Verticillium species in Swedish soils using real-time PCR
Verticillium species are soilborne plant pathogens, responsible for big yield losses worldwide. Here, we report improved procedures to generate DNA from Verticillium species imbedded in farm soils.Expand