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Use of cypermethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid, in the control of rice tungro virus disease and its vector
Abstract Out of 27 emulsifiable concentrate insecticides tested in the glasshouse, cypermethrin, vamidothion, FMC 35001, phosphamidon and demeton‐S‐methyl not only effectively prevented tungro virusExpand
Prevention of rice tungro virus disease and control of the vector with granular insecticides
SUMMARY Thirteen granular insecticides were screened under glasshouse conditions for their ability to kill the vector, Nephotettix virescens, and to prevent tungro virus infection. Carbofuran,Expand
Effect of root zone placement of granular insecticides for tungro prevention and its control
Abstract The efficacy of four granular insecticides, carbofuran, bendiocarb, BPMC, and isoprocarb were assessed for tungro prevention and its control by root zone application method. All theseExpand
Management of tungro virus disease by application of wettable powder and flowable insecticides
Abstract Six wettable powder insecticides, acephate, bendiocarb, carbaryl, isoprocarb, DDT and BHC and one flowable insecticide, carbofuran (F) were tested under greenhouse as well as under fieldExpand
Role of Doping & Irradiation in Thermal Decomposition of Barium Bromate
The kinetics of solid state isothermal decomposition of barium bromate, pure as well as AJ3+-doped (0.86 mol %), and the influence of cobalt-60 gamma-irradiation on the decomposition at differentExpand
Prevention of rice tungro virus infection by oils
An attempt has been made in the present study to know whether oils could prevent tungro virus infection and affect its leafhopper vector, Nephotettix virescens. Out of 11 plant and mineral oilsExpand