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Surface water quality and information about the environment surrounding Inle Lake in Myanmar
The concentrations of coliform bacteria indicated that the lake water was unfit to drink, but some people use it for drinking anyway, and more extensive studies are needed because the lake is thought to be the most changing site in Myanmar as a result of both the tourism boom and increasing agricultural activity. Expand
Steroids from Calvatia cyathiformis
Abstract Cyathisterone (ergosta-7,22-diene-3,6-dione) and cyathisterol (8β-hydroxyergosta-4,6,22-trien-3-one), two new steroids, have been isolated from Calvatia cyathiformis along with two knownExpand
In vitro screening of leishmanicidal activity in myanmar timber extracts.
From a literature search for reports on the chemical constituents of these plants, most constituents were found to be quinone derivatives or other compounds with unsaturated carbonyl groups. Expand
Identification of medicinal Dendrobium species by phylogenetic analyses using matK and rbcL sequences
A phylogenetic analysis was conducted using sequences of two plastid genes, the maturase-coding gene (matK) and the large subunit of ribulose 1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase-C coding gene (rbcL), as DNA barcodes for species identification of Dendrobium plants and successfully distinguished each species from each other. Expand
DNA fingerprinting of Cannabis sativa using inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR) amplification.
Chemical analysis of cannabinoid, and Inter-Simple Sequence Repeat (ISSR) fingerprinting of DNA were used to identify different samples of Cannabis sativa L. for forensic purposes. Three samples wereExpand
Studies on the saponins of Lonicera japonica THUNB.
Among these sapomins, monodesmosides showed strong hemolytic activity, but bisdesmosidesshowed weak hemolytics activity. Expand
New sesquiterpene lactones from Elephantopus mollis and their leishmanicidal activities.
The alpha-methylene-gamma-butyrolactone moiety was found to be essential to the potent leishmanicidal effect observed and exhibited potent in vitro leish manicidal activities against Leishmania major. Expand
Study of the accelerating effect of shikonin and alkannin on the proliferation of granulation tissue in rats.
It is suggested that shikonin and alkannin accelerate the proliferation of granulation tissue induced by the cotton pellet and this accelerating effect may be attributed to an increase in the expression of CD11b+ cells, and the acceleration of the growth of fibroblasts and collagen fiber in the granulation tissues. Expand
Simple and rapid analysis of aristolochic acid contained in crude drugs and Kampo formulations with solid-phase extraction and HPLC photodiode-array detection
The results suggest that this simple, quick, and sensitive analytical method to detect AA in crude drugs and Kampo extract formulations would be valuable in safety inspections of AA inCrude drugs and their products. Expand
Antileishmanial compounds from Cordia fragrantissima collected in Burma (Myanmar).
A methanol extract of the wood of Cordia fragrantissima, collected in Burma (Myanmar), was found to exhibit significant activity against Leishmania major, and three new compounds were found to be racemates. Expand