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Abrupt onset and termination of the African Humid Period:rapid climate responses to gradual insolation forcing
A detailed (ca. 100 yr resolution) and well-dated (18 AMS ^(14)C dates to 23 cal. ka BP) record of latest Pleistocene–Holocene variations in terrigenous (eolian) sediment deposition at ODP Site 658CExpand
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East Asian monsoon climate during the Late Pleistocene: high-resolution sediment records from the south China Sea
Abstract Based on the study of 10 sediment cores and 40 core-top samples from the South China Sea (SCS) we obtained proxy records of past changes in East Asian monsoon climate on millennial toExpand
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Final closure of Panama and the onset of northern hemisphere glaciation
The Greenland ice sheet is accepted as a key factor controlling the Quaternary “glacial scenario“. However, the origin and mechanisms of major Arctic glaciation starting at 3.15 Ma and culminating atExpand
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Astronomic timescale for the Pliocene Atlantic δ18O and dust flux records of Ocean Drilling Program Site 659
High-resolution benthic oxygen isotope and dust flux records from Ocean Drilling Program site 659 have been analyzed to extend the astronomically calibrated isotope timescale for the Atlantic fromExpand
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Molecular stratigraphy: a new tool for climatic assessment
Variations in sea-surface temperatures over the past 500,000 years are inferred from the relative abundance behaviour of two organic compounds, C37 alkenones over the upper 8 metres of a sedimentExpand
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Century-scale events in monsoonal climate over the past 24,000 years
BOTH the marine sediment record and numerical modelling of the atmospheric summer circulation over the northern Indian Ocean and southeast Asia have shown that the monsoonal climate exhibits a directExpand
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Evolution and variability of the Asian monsoon system: state of the art and outstanding issues.
The Asian monsoon is comprised of the Indian and East Asian subsystems. These two components are linked to one another in varying degrees by regions of strong sensible heating (Indo-Asian landmass)Expand
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Changes in east Atlantic deepwater circulation over the last 30
Using 95 epibenthic δ13C records, eight time slices were reconstructed to trace the distribution of east Atlantic deepwater and intermediate water masses over the last 30,000 years. Our results showExpand
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Onset of permanent stratification in the subarctic Pacific Ocean
The surface waters of the modern subarctic Pacific Ocean are isolated from the nutrient-rich waters below by a steep vertical gradient in salinity (halocline), a feature which is a dominant controlExpand
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Centennial-to-millennial-scale periodicities of Holocene climate and sediment injections off the western Barents shelf, 75°N
At the western continental margin of the Barents Sea, 75°N, hemipelagic sediments provide a record of Holocene climate change with a time resolution of 10–70 years. Planktic foraminifera countsExpand
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